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THE WIRE 399 - May 2017 issue


THE WIRE 399 - May 2017 issue


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Inside this issue:

The Free Music of Buenos Aires: The capital of Argentina is bristling with fresh approaches to improvisation and beyond. By Jason Weiss. 

Raphael Rogiński: The Warsaw based guitarist piles his inimitable trade across rock, jazz, folk and improv, fro Jewish diasporic music to ingenious interpretations of John Coltrane.  By Richard Johnson. 

Royal Trux: Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty's harmolodic scuzz rock shock unit crawl back from beyond after several years of solo action. By Tony Rettman. 


Midori Takada: The Japanese percussionist heads back through the looking glass. By Claire Sawers. 

Giant Swan: Bristol's techno improv group crew bare their souls (and more). By Daisy Hyde.

Wu Tiao Ren: The Southeast China group distill magic from local life. By Thomas Bird.

Tony Conrad & Cory Arcangel : The late minimalist's piano works are preserved via a new digital archive project. By Robert Barry.

Global Ear:
Durbanr: Something's rockin' in the garages of the South African metropolis. By Nick Law.  

Invisible Jukebox:
Strange U: UK hiphop's cosmic duo get spaced out by The Wire's mystery record selection. Tested by Rob Turner.

The Inner Sleeve: Electric Indigo on Pia Palme's AX.WHO.

Endless Boogie's Paul  Major receives a message from the country. 

Print Run: New music books: death metal, abandoned futures, free music, modern composition and a very Gristly memoir.

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Ben Davis's Northern Disco Lights: The Rise and Rise of Norwegian Dance Music.

On Site: Recent exhibitions and performances: Laura Oldfield Ford and COUM Transmissions

On Location: Recent Festivals, gigs and clubs: Sonic Acts, Clare Simmonds, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Slapp Happy with Faust and more

Soundcheck: New vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams plus reissues and specialist columns including: 

Moonlight OST
Total eclipse of the art. By Dan Barrow

Triple trouble. By Dave Segal

Perc & Arca
Gender Studies. By Aurora Mitchell.

Text Sound Compositions 8-11
Swede inspiration. By Julian Cowley.

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