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Border Crossings 147


Border Crossings magazine - issue 147


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"Uneasy Bridges to Writing a Fine Madness: Helen DeWitt and Robert Walser" by Meeka Walsh


"Paintings That Go on Somewhere Else"

"Art Policing"

"A Visual Song of the Open Road"


"The Destiny of Pictures: The Donald’s Hollywood on the Potomac. Destiny films presents ‘North Korea Singapore Summit Video,’ Directed by Donald Trump, produced by the National Security Council"—Robert Enright


"An Interview with Marlene Dumas"—Meeka Walsh, Robert Enright

"Dark EnlightenmentAn Interview with David Lynch"—Robert Enright

"Image-Grappler: Sky Glabush and the Art of Self-Interrogation"—Robert Enright

"Painting in an Expanded Field: An Interview with Laura Owens"—Robert Enright

"The Structure of Connecting: An Interview with Holger Kalberg"—Robert Enright


"Life Like: Colouring the Body of Sculpture"—John Kissick

"Waiting for Prouvost: Close Encounters of a Poetic Kind"—Mariianne Mays Wiebe

"The Personality of Abstraction"—Stephen Horne


"Mothering Resistance: Reflections from the Borders of Art"—Erica Mendritzki


Three Poems by Sylvia Legris


"Joan Mitchell and Jean-Paul Riopelle"—Monica Tap

“What Flies Above”—Alison Gillmor

"Tim Zuck"—Dan Adler

“Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects”—Kim Dhillon

‘Men and Apparitions’ by Lynne Tillman—Emily Doucet

"Donigan Cumming"—Michelle Drapeau

"Yoko Ono"—Aryen Hoekstra

"Dan Brault"—David Elliott

"Catherine Telford-Keogh"—Shannon Garden-Smith

‘Oscar Cahén’ edited by Rosemary Shipton and Marianne Gerlinger"—John Kissick "Beau Dick"—Robin Laurence 

"Karla Black"—Dagmara Genda

“The 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art”—Bhavisha Panchia

"Dagmara Genda"—Elyssa Stelman

"Benjamin Klein"—Cameron Skene

"Vikky Alexander"—Nancy Tousley

In our articles section, Emily Doucet looks at “The Many-Tiered Art of Allison Katz” in “Synthetic Deconstruction.” Karen Moe discusses political art with Mexican American artists Ray Smith and GT Pellizzi and revolutionary Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros, the once leader of the Mexican communist party. And John G Hampton takes on the controversial work Jimmie Durham, looking here at the Remai Modern in Saskatoon, the only Canadian venue for this large traveling exhibition.

The Crossovers include reviews on Peter Hujar, Gordon Smith, Nicholas Crombach, Gary Pearson, Steven Beckly, Eve K Tremblay, Nicolas Sassoon, Jay Isaac, Bev Pike, “The Sunshine Eaters,” the Dhaka Art Summit 2018, and the exhibitions, “Frontera: Views of the U.S.- Mexico Border,” and “Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City.”

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