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Wednesday March 22, 6:30 - 9:30 PM - Feminism 101 Discussion Group

Welcome! Before the Feminism 101 blurb below, I just wanted to remind everyone that the event sign-up is on eventbrite ( We have a limit of 30 people for the space (Open Sesame) so please sign up there if you are coming! 

We have decided on our reading/podcast list for the evening (don't worry, they're are all pretty short!).
1. Chapter 1 'Feminist Politics Where We Stand' (pgs 1-6) by bell hooks

2. 'Why this literary critic rejects modern day feminism' (podcast)
3. 'The Pros and Cons of Abandoning the Word Feminist'
Feminism 101 is a discussion group for everybody (even if you don’t identify as a feminist)! The group is an opportunity for people to share their thoughts and lived experiences, as well as to learn from each other and about feminism as it relates to race, class, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity etc.

Our first meeting will be an introduction to each other and an exploration of our own relationships to feminism. Before we meet, we will post some short reading materials and/or a podcast about feminism to discuss on the 22nd. We will also use the first group meeting as an opportunity to anonymously write down questions, comments or opinions as a starting point for some of our discussion.

We understand that everyone is coming to this discussion group from different places in their learning. Some of you might have identified as feminists for as long as you can remember, and others may be uncomfortable with the label. All are welcome. Be gentle with each other, supportive and non-judgmental, AND discussions and debates are welcomed and encouraged. Both of us (Beth & Gwen) are pretty new to all of this, too, and suggestions are always welcome.

BYOT (Bring your own tea!).

- Beth & Gwyneth

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