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May 11 - June 30, 2018: Ashley Culver - Open wide to pronounce its name as well as to ingest it

Friday May 11 - Saturday June 30, 2018

Reception and Artist Talk: Friday, June 1, 7 PM

Ashley Culver - 02, Photograph

Ashley Culver, O No. 2, c-print on archival cotton paper, 6 x 6 inch print (10 x 10 inches framed), 2017. Photo courtesy the artist.

Artist’s Statement

The exhibition title, Open wide to pronounce its name as well as to ingest it, is a line in Francis Ponge's poem "The Orange."

The line illustrates one's interaction with an orange as material as well as through recognition and language. Similarly, the exhibited photographs and sculptures seek for a knowing of this thing.

The collection of photographs, O, indexes found peels and their context. The image is all texture: dimpled orange peels and their soft pith with the support of the ground they've happened upon due to gravity. When I photograph a peel, I am recording an event I did not witness: the peeling of the fruit, the fall of the peel onto the ground. In this manner, photography is a way to acknowledge an encounter.

The sculptures are life-size bronze casts of whole navel orange peels, which had curled and twisted as they dried. I used the organic burn-out casting method to make this work: As the bronze is poured, the hot liquid metal burns away the organic material, taking its place. The peel no longer exists, and the closest representation of it is the bronze.

These photographs and sculptures both isolate orange peels. They hold it in one's hand and in one's gaze. The work dwells in the pleasure of an encounter and in the curiosity of observing something. Reframing these overlooked materials presents the objects as things to look at and observe. Questioning how ordinary objects are seen, or rather if they are seen. A call for attentiveness.



Ashley Culver completed her MFA at York University and received her BFA from the University of Victoria. Culver has exhibited with Album Gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery, Xchanges Gallery, Artscape Youngplace, and Garden Ave, and recently participated in an Independent Residency with the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.


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