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Thursday July 19, 8PM: DF, JoJo Worthington, Alder & Ash

Three unique acts share the stage at Open Sesame!


Looped saxophone with audio-reactive light installations and visuals. Spacious, pulsing, emotive, and bright.

JoJo Worthington
is an experimental-folk artist of Ontario.
With haunting choral loops, seemingly-orchestral ukulele riffs, and striking spacey vocals she comes across as a soft tour-de-force.

Alder & Ash
A counterpoint of two extremes. The music lies in stillness, introversion, and penitence. It lies in violence, cacophony, and angst. Alder & Ash plays cello with loop pedal to create improvised minimal classical music, with influence of doom metal, ambient, post-rock and noise.

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