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SUN, FEB 14, 2016 7 pm | FRIENDZONE presents: Valentines punk and horror

Valentines can be scary. Avoid that and come watch a horror film some punk bands at a great new venue, Open Sesame!

-220 King St. W. Kitchener (physically accesible venue)
-P.E.A.R.S.( will be in effect. There will be identifiable support persons as well as the promoters if there's a problem or you just need a pal.

Toronto Power-Pop

Child Leash
London Noise-rock

Malleus Maleficarum (Torin Langen!)
Synopsis: A small town's religious beliefs have pushed them back to the dark ages. Halloween has morphed into a modern-day witch hunt, victims sold like fireworks for the public to dispose of. Thought of as a method to purge evil from society on the day it is considered most powerful, one young man has other plans. Despite trying his hardest to follow in his family's fundamentalist footsteps, his morals are pushed to their limits and something has to give. In this tale of teen rebellion, the stakes are as high as they get. Prepare for Exodus.

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